Dog Services

Dougal - Before & After

All-Inclusive Grooming

  • Cleaning ears by removing debris and hair
  • Clipping and files nails
  • Gently brush your pet to the skin removing all tangles (not mats)
  • Condition your pet's coat with re-moisturizing treatment
  • Check anal glands and express them, if needed
  • Hand dry your pet at their comfort level and advise you of any skin conditions
  • And haircut to your liking (breed specific, puppy cut, mohawk, shave down, etc.)

All-Inclusive Bathing

Our bathing service includes all of the same care as we offer for grooming with the exeption of trimming.
Prices starting at: Grooming Bath Only
Small (under 20lbs) $65 $45
Medium (under 60lbs) $85 $65
* Large (under 80lbs) $100+ $85+
* Extra Large (over 80lbs) $125+ $105+
  • If you have a breed that is heavier or shorter coated, your price
    will be adjusted up or down by the groomer at the time of check in.

Walk-in Services

  • Over & under eye trimming - $15
  • Nail trimming - $15

Additional Services

  • Flea and tick treatment - $15